OCD Texture Pack for 1.5 Snapshots
OCD 1.5 (beta) for snapshot 13w02b+
  • Added trapped chest
  • Updated iron block
  • Added redstone block
  • Added comparator
  • Updated repeaters
  • Added daylight ...
Evil Santa Boss Fight
Evil Santa has stolen all the presents! Kill santa by hitting his "weak points" (buttons on lamps) until his health is depleted. Santa has 32HP you have 3 lives.
  • Eye tracking
  • Facial ...
Sonic The Hedgehog
Blue Hedgehog themed Time trial!
  • Stopwatch(accurate to 1/10th second)
  • TNT Spring jumps
  • Super speed and jump!
  • No mods
Compact Calculator
Piston Powered Mechanical Calculator The Calculatron 3000!
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Compact design